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Boolarra FNC

Can the Dream continue?

It has taken a fair chunk of the season, but slowly there is a divide beginning to build between those who can and those who are unlikely to find a way to the top half of the ladder. This weekend round eight, may make things even clearer.

Stony Creek v Thorpdale A week is a long time in football, and seven days can also change the way you view a team, or even two. This clash between two sides of contrasting fortunes may in fact produce an unlikely close clash. Just seven days ago Thorpdale produced one of their most impressive performances of the season, but their opponent this week in Stony Creek also showcased what they are capable of when they pushed the unbeaten Newborough to within an inch or two of their life. Jason Winderlich, Thorpdale coach “ Heading over to Stony Creek we believe will be one of the toughest road trips for the year. Their current ladder position is not a true reflection of how good they are. They now have a full healthy list which can beat any team which was proven against Newborough. We head over as the underdog but it’s another opportunity to test ourselves against quality opposition ” In the last month, Thorpdale have responded like a side that has quickly developed into a finals contender, four wins in four weeks is testimony to that, but such is the evenness of the competition a loss of effort, even by a small margin could spell disaster, so the question is...can the dream conti

nue? Chris VerBoon, Stony Creek coach “Thorpdale at home this week will be another big game for us. They are travelling well and it should shape up to be another great game of footy” Thorpdale have managed to claw themselves into the top half of the ladder, but you sense they would, and they could even climb higher, this weekends clash against Stony Creek will determine whether that is possible.,

Boolarra v Mirboo North Sometimes a loss can hurt you more than the week in which it was encountered and for both of these two teams, how last week's respective losses have impacted them is likely to be shown up in the first thirty minutes. You might even be able to go so far to say that a loss could kill off one of these two team's seasons, such is the importance of securing a victory. Peter Mongta, Mirboo Nirth coach “ This week we travel across to our neighbours in Boolarra Football Club who have been on the wrong side of some close losses lately and I know Tony G would have had his eye on this game some weeks ago so we expect another big contest." In simple terms, a loss for Mirboo North, would have the Tigers season hanging in the balance as the hit round nine, the halfway mark of the season, however a loss for Boolarra, would almost certainly kill off the Demons hopes of finals football. Tony Giardina, Boolarra coach “Winning is like a habit, unfortunately losing is as well. Mirboo this week is a must win to start getting some wins on the board.” You sense that Boolarra could be due for a change of luck and if ever it was needed it is this weekend on their home deck. Tarwin v Hill End A couple of questions will be answered this weekend, one of which is, are Tarwin back?, and the second is, are the Sharks likely to continue to produce less than predictable performances? This round eight match is sure to answer both questions. The Sharks on their day, seem capable of mixing it with some of the best, but that best has rarely been seen in 2023. Troy Hemming, Tarwin coach “ This week we host Hill End at home! Santo is a great coach. Always got to be ready for curve ball!" The Sharks have fallen quite a way from their lofty heights of 2022, but on the back of their impressive win last week, the Tarwin team we all respected last season might just be ready to bubble back to something like their best. Hill End are continuing to keep on keeping on, even when searching for their first win has become a frustrating exercise, but there have been some signs of improvement in recent weeks. Mike Santo Hill End coach “ Some encouraging signs from our young players again which was good. This week it's another tough game next week against my old mate Troy at Tarwin. The Sharks need to win for the sake of their season, the Rovers need a win for the sake of their sanity. Toora v MDU There had been promising signs from Toora in the early part of this season, but the last fortnight has proven to be a testing time for the Magpies. MDU, will aim to continue the heartache for the home team and in doing so will also be giving themselves the chance of climbing further up the MGFNL ladder. Nathan Allen, MDU coach "This week we have Toora which I have been told can be a very tough place to play. Hopefully we can keep building and come away with another win away from home." The Demons have been going about their business, in a matter of fact kind of way, no fanfare, but just honest, organised football, a style that is sure to test Toora, even on the Magpie's home ground. Jack Weston, Toora coach, MDU this week who have had a good month will be a challenge. Hopefully we will get a few back and give our 1973 premiership team who have their reunion something to cheer about. The fact that the champions of fifty years ago are making an effort to support the Toora team of today, should be enough to inspire the Magpies to one of their better efforts of the season.

Yinnar v Fish Creek The match up of two in form teams is always an exciting time, and this clash between the second placed Yinnar and third placed Fish Creek promises plenty. As each week passes, both the Magpies and the Kangaroos have quickly lifted to a level just above most in the competition. Round eight is destined to put one team into the ideal position from which to launch their second half of the season. Jarrod Walker, Fish Creek “ A big game against what looks like the dominant team for the year and then a well earned bye” While Fish Creek are looking for a well earned rest on their bye weekend, their opposition is coming off a weeks break and are ready for a fierce contest. Daniel Taylor, Yinnar coach “The Bye last week came at a perfect time, we should get seven, maybe even eight guys back across the board to really strengthen both our squads for the rest of the season' The prospect of an already very good club, welcoming.back as many as eight players, will be enough to send a chill through any club in the competition, not least this week's opponent in Fish Creek. (Morwell East v Foster - played as season opener Morwell East 8-8-56 to Foster 7-8-50) BYE: Newborough

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