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Boolarra FNC

Round 6 Preview: Saturday night lights

As exciting as the season has already been, this week's round of football has something a little bit special with a Saturday night clash to be a feature.

We may have become accustomed to watching footy being played on television at night time, but there is something quite exciting about it happening in your own backyard .

Morwell East v Newborough

A great initiative by the Hawks and the league and a terrific opportunity for the Bulldogs to be part of a night time showcase of the MGFNL.

Morwell East have slowly but surely gone about their business over the past few weeks, putting together a series of wins, whilst still not playing the quality of football their coach knows they are capable of, but this week you feel they will need to be closer to their best than not.

Devon Soutar, Morwell East coach "after a shaky start we're building much better connection and understanding across the group, but there's no rest, every aspect will be tested yet again in a blockbuster against the Bulldogs this saturday night"

Newborough regained some much needed confidence after their impressive victory over Boolarra last week but it's a clash like this one that will show coach Craig Skinner exactly what he has to work with.

Craig Skinner, Newborough coach "Morwell East have some great signings this season so another big hurdle for us this saturday night, would love an easy game but unfortunately this competition doesn't have any."

Night time for football does create a unique environment for players and supporters alike, it also gives the wider footballing loving public to see some MGFNL action live, and this game is deserving of a big crowd. Boolarra v Mirboo North

The pressure just doesn't seem to end in the MGFNL, Boolarra at home to Mirboo North is what has become a weekly example of a must win match. The Demons had started the season like a side that was destined to be a major player come finals time later in the year, but it's amazing that after just one loss to Newborough the week before can change the landscape so quickly. Don't get me wrong, Boolarra are very much in the mix, but this 50/50 game is a must win for both sides and being on the wrong side of the result for either certainly starts to turn the screws as we edge closer to business time. Tony Giardina, Boolarra coach "we missed opportunities last week and Newborough made us look silly, this is a big ame for us against Mirboo North" Mirboo North have managed to miraculously finish in front by less than a kick two weeks in a row, their ability to find the line when it counts should be commended, but there is only so many times a side can ride their luck, or is there? You can justifiably expect that this clash will be no different to those that the Tigers have competed in over the last fortnight, a close, tough hard contest, with every passage of play, every kick for goal, tackle shephard potentially impacting the result, it's the sort of pressure the Tigers seem to thrive on, but it's also an opportunity for Boolarra to show they have really come of age and kill off a good side on their way up.

Yinnar v Thorpdale

Just how last weeks loss to Tarwin has affected Thorpdale will probably be shown up in the first thirty minutes of their clash with Yinnar, in fact the Magpies will know that the Blues may well have some self doubt after their twenty goal defeat and if they can manage to jump the visitors early it might also make their job far easier for the remaining three quarters.

It's a funny game, football, and some say played eight percent above the shoulders, or is that ninety percent? whatever the percentage you get my point that if Magpies get on top early their job might be done, however if Thorpdale can manage to be in touch by half time, we may just have a real contest on our hands,

Daniel Taylor,Yinnar coach " its another big week against Thorpy, they have improved since last year and we're in a position were we can't take anyone lightly it's a must win game."

As big as challenges that Thorpdale have already confronted this season, there is none bigger or for that matter more important than this one, for two reasons, one is its their next game but two and more crucially it will certainly give Coach Pickering an insight into the quality of player, the strength of character and the potential of his players and his team.

Yinnar should be winning, but Thorpdale can learn just as much no matter the result by the type of effort that is displayed by its players.

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