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Boolarra FNC

Round 2 Preview: All set to acknowledge the ANZACs

Updated: May 19, 2022

Fish Creek v Toora

You wouldn't think Fish Creek would like to be in anywhere near the same position they found themselves in round one, when at three quarter time they faced a three goal deficit against a reputable opponent in fierce rival Foster.

On that occasion the Kangaroos somehow managed to manufacture an impressive victory that was also an impressive platform from which to build their season.

Their opposition in round two would be still hurting, maybe even embarrassed over their bigger than one hundred point defeat at the hands of Newborough.

Toora coach Matt Ponton "we are looking to improve on what we put out there against the Bulldogs with work rate and competitive spirit"

That is all you can ask for a team, to be honest and competitive and to learn from losses, but even with all of that you get the feeling that Fish Creek might still have to much firepower.

John Danckert, Fish Creek "we look forward to getting back on our home deck after a week off".

You can expect the Power to trouble some sides as the season evolves, but it won't be this week against the Kangaroos.

Hill End v Boolarra. Winning form is almost always good form, but just how that form stacks up, will be tested to the fullest this weekend when Boolarra face one of the toughest trips in the MGFNL, Hill End on their home turf. Make no mistake Boolarra did their job well a fortnight ago, when they accounted for MDU, reasonably comfortably, but the bar has been lifted this week, taking on the pre season premiership favourite Hill End after they also kicked off their season in impressive fashion against a more highly respected opponent in Mirboo North. Tony Giardina, Boolarra coach, " it's going to be a tough game against the benchmark in Hill End up there, but hopefully the boys are up for the challenge." It is only early days and both sides are sure to improve significantly. Hill End coach Mike Santo "looking forward to continued improvement and getting some more guys back in the coming weeks." Amongst several goals the Demons have for 2022, is to push some of the best sides in the competition and there is little doubt that the Rovers are exactly that, so Boolarra will be under no illusions as to just where they sit after this weekend. Newborough v Mirboo North Newborough had done a power work many months prior to the start of the season, and that was throughout the whole of the club, both on the field and off the field, the plan to build the Bulldogs back to the powerhouse they once were. If their round one performance is any indication of just what improvements have been made it was right there on the scoreboard with a super impressive one hundred and one point win over Toora. Now that been said, it isn't expected that the Power are any Mirboo North, not yet at least, so the Tigers will be a completely different proposition even on the Bulldogs home deck. Craig Skinner, Newborough coach "we were happy for a week off before taking on Mirboo North, which will be compounded by them coming off a loss, not many sides are going to experience the Tigers on the rebound so we will spend two weeks getting ready for that." That preparation will be tested this Saturday, against a team aware and respectful of their opponent and their 2022 improvements. Mirboo North Coach, Josh Taylor, " looking forward to playing Newborough, who have got away to a flyer to start their year, it is a huge game for our season." Round two and its a huge game for your season, such is the competitiveness of this year's MGFNL competition.

Stony Creek v Tarwin Both of these two teams were buzzing after their respective wins in round one. Stony Creek ran away in the second half of their game against Thorpdale, whilst Tarwin were tough under pressure against a Yinnar side that very rarely lose at home. The Lions will see this as a winnable game and the chance to make it two in a row to start their season will be enough enough to have them throw everything at their Shark opponents, but equally Tarwin have their sights set on being a part of the finals action much later in the year, so a stumble at this early stage will damage those plans no end. Troy Hemming, Tarwin coach "we have the Lions on their home ground who I see had a good win against Thorpdale, look we are really looking forward to the challenge" That challenge I suspect will be there for a quarter, maybe even two before the visitors flex their muscle and start to apply the pressure that will have the home side on the back foot before three quarter time. Jai Acardi, Stony Creek coach" we know it will be a tough assignment", Tough, but far from impossible, you only need to follow the AFL to know that upsets are happening on a weekly basis, whether the Lions side can conjure up one of these this week is unlikely. Thorpdale v MDU Two sides coming off first round defeats is always a recipe for a lift in intensity, desperation and commitment to what it takes to secure premiership points. The Blues coach Ray Pickering isn't hitting the panic button by any means, in fact he remains quite bullish "we had some undisciplined acts last game but we have some positives to take out of the first half also that we can take into MDU" The Demons find themselves on the road again after their defeat at the hands of Boolarra just a fortnight ago, but they too remain positive about their chances this weekend. MDU coach Peter Harris " we controlled a lot of the footy in the first half of round one - our round two clash is a big game for the boys now who are keen to bounce back strong" Both the Blues and the Demons have put together pleasing pre-seasons but the reward for effort is yet to be achieved for either, for the winner a chance on which to progress even further for the loser a zero and two start to a season and the hill to be climbed just gets that little higher, sometimes this game is played above the head and the mindset can be greatly improved after a win. Picking who that winner might be however is very very difficult. Yinnar v Morwell East Morwell East finally get the opportunity to showcase their team after an impressive recruiting and pre season block of work starting many months ago in 2021. Hawks coach Devon Soutar, having an extra fortnight to prepare his team after the unfortunate scheduling of a round one bye followed by the Easter Break. "We must be prepared to bring our best, the competition looks too tight for even the smallest of lapses, at this point of the year everyone is feeling each other out, but we know Yinnar well and they do us, so we're expecting another epic encounter." There is no question even at this stage that as many as eight or even nine sides might be vying for five positions available come finals time, so for Yinnar especially, coming off their first round loss, the bar has been lifted. Magpies coach, Daniel Taylor " I was proud of our fightback a fortnight ago, but we have a big game now against the East, by all reports they have recruited well and have had a solid pre-season so we will have to be at our best to get the result". Morwell East, have indeed recruited well securing a handful of very talented players, probably none moreso than ruckman Isaac Abas from the Gippsland Latrobe League. His presence is sure to cause problems for every big man in the MGFNL competition, but it will take more than one man to defeat Yinnar, so the Hawks will as coach Devon Soutar suggests "be prepared to bring their best". This clash, again, one of many that will be exciting to watch. Bye: Foster

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