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Boolarra FNC

Miracle Magpies

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

So much had been said over such a long period of time as to who and how and why one team or another might have the edge, but finally the contest between two deserving clubs was going to be decided not by talk, but action.

With both teams extremely well coached, and with enormous talent at their disposal, the clash didn't disappoint.

Yinnar eventually claiming victory and securing a premiership on the back of a most disciplined and methodical four quarter performance

Yinnar 8-9-57 to Newborough 5-7-37

The win the stuff of legends, the Magpies only securing their finals position in the last round of the home and away season before starting a stunning winning streak that saw them beat the very best teams in the competition culminating in their 2022 MGFNL premiership

Daniel Taylor, Yinnar coach "I don't even know what to say to be honest, obviously we're stoked The effort they put in to get here, I knew we were a chance if we got there and I really couldnt be prouder The game was hard and physical and thats when we play our best football"

Just the kick separated the two at the first Break

with Newborough leading 2-1-13 to 1-1-7,

Yinnar doing well to keep the Bulldogs within reach against a strong wind.

The Magpies lifted the bar in the second term, winning more of the fifty fifty contests and using the ball well with the wind at their back, two goals to Harrison McColl, and singles To Blake Van Der Meer and Stuart Patten giving Yinnar a three goal lead at half time.

Daniel Taylor " The pressure was on and thats when we play our best football we really ramped it up And got on top of the game and the rest is history"

Craig Skinner Newborough coach " Look the blokes gave everything they could and I couldnt ask for more than that but we were beaten on the inside and the outside By a side that has been touching the footy a lot more than us And it shon out on the day And that was the best we could but we will be bAck and better"

Dreams can be made in a third quarter and Newborough wanted to keep theirs alive, adding goals from Josh Bland, Pat Charles and peter Ainsworth, whilst keeping the Magpies goalless, and wrestling back the lead albeit by just one point at the final break.

Daniel Taylor " you know we had lost so many close games but the boys have just kept fronting up Just kept playing footy with mates You know we hadnt had a chance for a couple of years and these guys gave a hundred per cent and I could not be prouder"

That effort of the Magpie squad wrestled back the lead in the final term and the performance of best on ground Ned Marsh was pivotal in that

with his last quarter goal from a boundary throw a highlight that had to be seen to be believed.

Newborough beaten but not finished.

Craig Skinner "we have a good group and there is not a person going anywhere, they say you havetoblose one to win one, But the only time youre going to say that is when you lose one But we are not going to lose anymore"

As good as 2022 was, you get the feeling that 2023 may even be better.

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