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Boolarra FNC


Gippsland League 4-9-39 Mid Gippsland 1-2-8

West Gippsland 5-9-39 Mid Gippsland 0-0-0 North Gippsland 3-6-24 Mid Gippsland 2-3-15 Ellinbank 6-2-38 Mid Gippsland 4-3-27 The Junior Interleague may not have produced any wins for Mid Gippsland, but it certainly unearthed some real talent from which to build future success. Coach Troy Hemming pleased with what he saw "Big Mac Brosnan won every tap all day We went in confident that we can compete, and that we did.

One game where we didn’t get it right was against west Gippsland but the other 3 games we were in the contest.

We lacked a bit of polish in the cold wet conditions.

I thought every league had great players but there isn’t that much difference between them. Our boys should be proud of their efforts as I was extremely proud to be their coach and I look forward to seeing them grow into great senior players!

Clancy mills, Luke Cheffers, Max Woodall, Jesse Chilla, Tom Vuillermin, Beau Melbourne All played well in every game!

I’ll be doing a review for the league so we can continue to invest in the mid Gippsland juniors so that have a great program to develop.

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