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Boolarra FNC

Can Tarwin be beaten?

Only one game separates the sides currently placed second through to seventh on the MGFNL ladder as we start the second half of the 2022 home and away season.

Every match is now crucial both for those teams inside the top six and also for those wanting to steal a spot from those teams above them.

Boolarra v Tarwin Boolarra had been cruising into season 2022, seemingly without a care in the world, the Demons hit the halfway mark of the season in the cosy position of third on the MGFNL ladder and life was good. One week later and the Demons are under pressure from those below and this weekend also from those above. Tarwin have transformed from surprising league leaders to giant killers, their demolition of Hill End now has the Sharks as firm premiership favourites. Troy Hemming, Tarwin coach "This week we go to Boolarra where they enjoy the contest so we need to regroup and make sure we are ready for a strong contest." Boolarra are well aware of the contest that awaits them but if ever there was a chance to make a strong statement after their disappointing loss of last week, this is it. Tony Giardina, Demons coach "Last week put us right back in the pack now with more big games to come, none bigger than the top side in Tarwin." Most have been waiting for Tarwin to falter, but the truth is that there really hasn't even been a hint of happening to date. Foster v Toora There were always going to be some movers and shakers in the competition, but many were not sure just who the club was, that was going to grab hold of the wheel and drive their club into finals contention. Foster's success over Boolarra in round nine has the Tigers ready to take their spot towards the front of the grid. Currently seventh on the MGFNL ladder but amazingly just one win from second spot, they are almost certainly assured of yet another victory this week against Toora. Foster coach, Sam Davies "we look forward to playing Toora for the first time this week, since 2019!" A lot has changed in the past three years, for both clubs, but one thing is for certain, the Tigers are starting to play the type of football that has them heading for far greater success, and Toora are simply standing in their way this weekend. It might be hard to see just where Toora's first win of the season is going to come from, but no one is questioning their effort. The Magpies are sure to bob up at some stage, maybe even when you least expect it. Morwell East v Mirboo North There is only one thing more pleasing for a coach than his side winning a match and securing the four premiership points, and that's winning a match securing the four points and killing off an opposition side at the same time. That is what is on offer for Morwell East in round ten, a win both giving them a firmer grip on a top six spot and also ending any finals aspirations for their opponent in Mirboo North this weekend, Josh Taylor, Mirboo North coach "It's a huge game for the season this week against Morwell East, who had a really good win last weekend, it is a must win for our season." The Tigers positivity of making finals remains, but the fact is the odds are well and truly stacked against them, there is now room for error and "fifty fifty" games like this one are must wins, On the field, Morwell East are laying the foundation for an assault on this years finals, off the field, the club is preparing and planning for the years ahead and climbing back to their successful and glory days of years gone by. Stony Creek v MDU The competition has been hot all through the year in the Mid Gippsland competition, in fact it has been so hot that these two clubs have started to feel the heat. Stony Creek have stumbled in the past fortnight and one more wrong step could have the Lions fall out of contention altogether. That said, the same applies to MDU, the Demons have dished up some contrasting performances this year, but one more loss in a fifty fifty game like this would mean a tough road ahead. The coaches of both clubs matter of fact about where they sit and what this week's clash means. Jai Acardi Stony Creek coach "MDU is a must win for us this week and we cannot wait" Peter Harris, MDU coach "we need to turn things around for this week now." Given the enormity of the game and what hangs on the end of a favourable result, you would expect a finals like performance from both teams in a match that is deserving of a big crowd. Thorpdale v Fish Creek It hasn't been a season to forget for Thorpdale, rather a season from which to learn, however this test on the weekend will show whether the Blues have been paying attention, or just spending their saturday afternoons playing around. Fish Creek are fragile, after a strong start to the season, the last month has been a tough journey for the Kangaroos and if they were ready for the taking, it is this week, but it won't be easy. John Danckert, Fish Creek " we look forward to heading over to Thorpdale for the first time and hopefully getting on the winners list." A win won't turn the Kangaroo's season around but it would be just reward for effort against the odds in recent weeks, where they have battled manfully well short of their best starting eighteen. That said the same could be said for their opponents in Thorpdale who would like nothing more than a home ground win for their faithful supporters and community. Yinnar v Hill End After a month of success, Yinnar are just a win away from starting to reel some quality clubs above them in and leaving them in their wake. Currently fifth, success against Hill End could have the Magpies jump up to third and within striking distance of a coveted top two spot. The problem for the home side is simple, the Rovers have no intention of giving this one up. . Mike Santo, Hill End coach "Hopefully we can turn things around in the back half of the season, with some average draw making from the league that's not really in our favour." It is a tough draw for the Hillsmen, but one thing is for certain if they can hold a position in the top four, they would certainly have earned it, but for this week it's all about Yinnar. Daniel Taylor, Yinnar coach "after three road trips in a row to South Gippsland we're looking forward to playing on our home deck against the Hillmen this week, they are a good side and Santo will have his boys fired up and looking to bounce back, we will be ready for that, it's a massive game for both clubs.

At the end of the year the top two clubs will play their first final with the winner getting direct entry into the 2022 grand final, both of these sides want that opportunity. Newborough - Bye

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