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Boolarra FNC


Foster v Newborough

Just as Newborough managed to shrug off one contender, up steps another to take on Craig Skinner's unbeaten Bulldogs.

Although each is worthy, none to date have managed to find a way to win, this week Foster will take their turn.

Sam Davies, Foster coach “ We are looking forward to playing Newborough next week to gauge where we are at. They’re a high scoring team who like a lot of speed on the ball.

As good as Newborough are with the ball, work has already started on being better when they haven't got it either, and coach Skinner is acutely aware that will be important when they face the Tigers this weekend.

Craig Skinner, Newborough coach “ Foster in the mud isn’t something any coach likes to see roll around on the draw.

We are looking forward to the challenge and hope their young players are ready for some contested footy.”

Fierceness at the footy complimented by a talented and well organised team, makes the challenge of overcoming Newborough a large one, but Foster are well placed to push Newborough as hard as any side has this year.

Hill End v Fish Creek There is no easy win waiting at the end of the rainbow for Hill End, but the Rovers do need to train and play like a pot of gold might be their reward each week. It’s hard to see the Rovers striking it rich this weekend, but if they play like they can, then at some stage soon a win may be theirs. Mike Santo, Hill End coach “ Last week was a really great effort by our lads but effort alone doesn't win games, Fish Creek at home next week is another challenge for us. Fish Creek are seemingly the real deal and good sides don’t let games like this slip, but what will be important for the Kangaroos will be maintaining a standard that will stand up against the top of the table sides in the weeks ahead. Jarrod Walker, Fish Creek coach “ Looking forward to next week, always a tough trek to Hill End, a side possibly down on confidence at the moment but not on skill and quality players, so for us another test for us. Keen to see us put a solid 4 quarter effort together “ Finishing top six is one thing, but finishing towards the top of this six, is more times than not, an important first step in launching a successful finals campaign, and that is exactly what Fish Creek will have their mind set on. MDU v Thorpdale There’s the champ ( Newborough) and then there are a handful of contenders keen to challenge for the title, two of which step into the ring this weekend. Thorpdale and MDU, are there or thereabouts, but who wins this weekend, will go a long way in determining who may get another shot at the title later in the year. Nathan Allen, MDU coach “ We host Thorpdale next week in another game that will shape the ladder. Every game is becoming must win games to ensure we are playing at the pointy end of the season” The Demons are good, and Thorpdale are refreshed after a week off with the bye, the Blues slowly but surely putting the pieces of the puzzle together, and the picture is starting to look better every week. Jason Winderlich, Thorpdale coach “ We are trying to earn respect back in the competition and I think we took another step in that direction. The bye came at a perfect time for us to refresh and get ready to attack the back half of the season” As good as Thorpdale has been on field, the off field work being done by Winderlich and his team has been equally impressive, so much so that some late minute recruiting will only strengthen what they already have. Morwell East v Yinnar Time is slowly running out for Morwell East, the Hawks jumped out of the blocks early in the season, only to to have coughed and sputtered their way through the season since. Coach Paul Henry will have been fine tuning a few things in recent weeks and is more than aware of the just wear his side now sits. Paul Henry, Morwell East coach “ We host Yinnar at home this week and Every game from here is a final for us” Yinnar were in a similar position to where The Hawks now sit back in 2022 and in what was a remarkable and memorable late flurry managed to pull off a premiership the Magpies Will not easily forget, and to that end they will be keen to stop Morwell East from having that same opportunity this weekend. Daniel Taylor, Yinnar coach “ We're looking forward to playing Morwell east, there's a bit of a rivalry there and they'll be keen to get a win after a couple narrow losses as will we, so it should be a cracker.” As good as the game is likely to be it’s putting the premiership points in the bank that is key. Both sides are wanting to build up their balance with a view that it will pay off with interest later in the year. Tarwin v Stony Creek Tarwin have impressively gone about what they planned to do, by stringing wins together as part of their plan to climb their way back up the ladder, and on the surface at least, you might think this weekend is another lock in win, but Sharks coach, Troy Hemming has been around to know that any game is a gimme. Troy Hemming Tarwin coach “ This week we host stony creek! Stony has challenged every team this year so it should be a good spectacle. I heard Matt Brown is in career best form so we might put some work into him.” The Lions are so close it’s not funny, but being close is not what they want, but as each week unfolds they seem to be facing a side on a winning streak. Chris Verboon, Stony Creek coach “ This week we take on Tarwin who are yet another in form team. Tarwin vs Stony is always a hard fought contest.” and hard-fought contests are the order of the day, every Saturday, but being on the right side of these contests is key, and that's where Stony Creek desperately needs to be. Toora v Boolarra Boolarra’s pre-season goal was pretty simple, back up their 2022 finals showing with another top six spot in 2023, and slowly but surely that is where the Demons are heading. Mind you a top six spot still isn't insured but the way the Demons are going about their business is encouraging. Tony Giardina, Boolarra coach “Last week I was proud of the way the boys went about it, considering the injuries and unavailability of guys we had.” The season was on the precipice of being gone for the Demons just a little while back, but some close and courageous wins now have them thinking finals are a possibility.., if they can get over Toora this weekend. Jack Weston, Toora coach “Looking forward to getting a few back from injury against Boolarra next week at home who’ll be tough off the back of a good few weeks.”

A win by Toora wouldn't be a surprise, but it would be devastating for Boolarra, and for that reason alone, the Demons cannot and will not let this one slip....I think. BYE:Mirboo North

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