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OMG - It's Fish Creek v Thorpdale!

Fish Creek v Thorpdale @ Foster

As good as both of these two teams have been over the course of the 2023 season, winning will be the only result seen as acceptable by either of the clubs.

Fish Creek last week threw everything they had at Newborough only to fall short by less than a kick, the brutality of the match certain to mean they will have some players feeling the pinch as they prepare for what is destined to be every bit as physical as their clash just seven days ago.

Jarred Weston, Fish Creek Coach “Last week was a cracking game to be playing in. It was a great atmosphere and what finals football is all about , and yes it would have been great to get the win, but we will need to butter up and get prepared for this week. We gained a lot of belief from last week and can’t wait for the next challenge ahead."

That challenge comes in the shape of Thorpdale, a team well coached, well built and well and truly ready for whatever the Kangaroos bring to the table.

The Blues were challenged last week and responded as good sides do, their ability to stay composed and patient when under pressure has them in good stead for another step forward.

Jason Winderlich, Thorpdale coach "Last week MDU started like a house on fire winning the contested footy and matched that with slick ball movement, giving them scoring opportunities in the first quarter. But in the second and third quarters we were able to get our hands on the footy at the initial contest inside the stoppage. The last quarter was just good hard finals footy. Contest after contest there were bodies getting smashed and great tackles laid." The anticipated physical encounter that this week's preliminary final will be, is one in which each club's coach must have their players ready to not only absorb, but also respond and in doing so not cross the line that might have them unavailable the week after. It has been a few months since these two sides have met, and it was the only time to date for the year with Fish Creek on that occasion that won the round three clash on may six by twenty one points. Fish Creek 9-11-65 to Thorpdale 6-8-44. At that time this is what the coaches had to say:

Jason Winderlich-Thorpdale “Good effort for first 3 quarters to match it with fish creek on their home deck. Got beaten in and around the stoppage contests last quarter which ultimately cost us the game.” Jarrod Walker- Fish Creek “It was an arm wrestle all day, Thorpdale are a strong side who are well coached. A few strong efforts from our mids and forwards helped us get over the line”

The finals to date have not disappointed, and everything points to this week's preliminary final being as epic as any we have seen to date.

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I played for Fish Creek way back in 1959 and 60(as a junior)in their halcyon days. With all thats gone on in between. I am totally impressed with the fact they are still going strong and playing finals footy. GO KANGAROOS




Who do Thorpdake play this week and where and date…

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